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January 2009

I started swimming with Wendy in 2008 because I was planning to participate in my first triathon, and needed some coaching for the swim leg. I was a rudimentary swimmer, but could not swim freestyle with my face in the water. Since then I have participated in semi-private lessons, group lessons and I work out with the master's team Wendy coaches.

Wendy taylors her coaching to each swimmer, and provides excellent feed back regarding each individuals strengths and weaknesses. She provides a safe but challenging experience. She also provides underwater filming of your swim technique, which I found to be particularly helpful.

I have come a very long way with her guidance. I was able to complete two sprint distance triathlons last summer, and feel much more confident in the water. I have learned to swim freestyle and continue to grow in ability. I highly reccomend Wendy to beginners and advanced swimmers as well.

Original review posted on Teach Street Reviews

Coaches: Wendy Neely
Filed under: Adult Swim Lessons , Masters Swim Team , Swim Clinics , Triathlons

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