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July 2009

I have taken many lessons from many swimming teachers. And Wendy is, hands down, the best teacher I have ever had. After trying throughout my life, I learned to swim one year ago, at age 35. Then I decided to train for a triathlon. But when I first entered the open water, all my old fears and doubts paralyzed me. I thought I would drown.

I found Wendy online and she told me that she could help me. Five lessons later, I was as comfortable in the lake as the pool. She even researched fear/anxiety books to give me exercises to help me deal with my mental anxiety. So smart and thorough!! She also worked on my overall swimming technique. I just completed my first triathlon this weekend!! And I can truly, honestly say that I have Wendy to thank.

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Coaches: Wendy Neely
Filed under: Adult Swim Lessons , Triathlons

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