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February 2011

I am fifty-six years old. I’ve been in and around water my whole life, but never learned how to swim even though I always wished I were a good swimmer. I was never comfortable in water over my head and always made sure I could touch bottom. In October, 2009, I returned from a trip to Hawaii and again said, “ I wish I was a competent swimmer”, only this time I asked myself, “ What’s stopping you?” I went online, found Tri-Time Swimming and immediately signed up for lessons. My first lesson was in December, 2009. The lessons started with just learning how to float and blow bubbles, but soon moved to stroke and kick techniques.

After several months of lessons once a week, I started swimming two to three times a week in Fife with the “Masters Team”. It made a huge difference in my comfort and progress. While my technique and endurance improved, there was still a tiny spark of fear in the back of my head. I set a goal for 2011 to do a lake swim and honestly, the thought scared me. It’s easy to feel confident when there is a wall to grab, but the thought of swimming in open water was daunting!

In January, 2011, I went on vacation to Maui. While there, I went swimming in the ocean and swam out to a place where the water was about 25 feet deep. I hung out with my friend, treading water and swimming around for about an hour with absolutely NO anxiety! I was so excited that I texted Wendy as soon as I got back to shore!

I know now that I can do an open water swim. While I have no desire at this time to compete in a triathalon or swim in a swim meet, I do want to become a strong open water swimmer.   For me, the challenge is to continue to get better and stronger.

I can’t say enough about how great the Tri-Time and Blue Wave Aquatics programs are. The coaches do a great job of grouping swimmers and challenging us, no matter what level of skills we possess. From the first day, the coaches and other swimmers have always been supportive and encouraging.

I’m still not particularly fast, but that’s okay - I am in it for the long haul. I want to live a long, healthy life and swimming is a huge part of that. I love the coaches and the team. I can’t thank you enough- you truly have changed my life. I can now say- I AM a swimmer!

For anyone who is thinking about taking swim lessons- JUST DO IT!

Coaches: Wendy Neely ,
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