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March 2010

I am a 70 yr old man who is learning how to swim correctly for the first time! I participated in 2 triathlons last summer with a very poor swim performance.

I started with Tri Time last fall to improve my swim. Wendy and her staff have done an excellent job at improving my form and speed.

Tri Time really is a triathletes secret weapon!

Last week I went out for my first bike/run workout of the year and my form and posture were better on both. The real surprise was that my run time was a full minute per mile faster than on my last triathlon.

Tri Time with Wendy and her staff has greatly improved not only my swim but also my bike and run. Tri Time has also made my swim good enough to train with Blue Wave Aquatics swim team.

I highly recommend Tri Time for any swimmer or triathlete.

Coaches: Wendy Neely
Filed under: Adult Swim Lessons , Masters Swim Team , Triathlons

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