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July 2009

Wendy is a swimmer's and triathlete's blessing! I worked with her in 2006 for four months and she helped me dropped over 2 minutes off my 1500 meter time, getting me down to a 20:37. I moved to Colorado that summer and worked with other coaches, but none that had Wendy's insight. After three years I had developed some bad habits and needed help. I was back in the Seattle area for a weekend in May and we spent 45 minutes together. She truly has a gift; she sees what is wrong and explains in simple terms how to fix it. Results are immediate. I returned home Monday morning to my master's team in Colorado and shocked my lanemates by setting a feverish pace that felt easy to me. They wanted to know who this amazing coach was and what she taught me!

I would recommend Wendy to beginner and experienced swimmers and triathletes alike, especially those who could benefit from a patient, experienced coach who can explain stroke improvement in a way that everyone understands and can implement. She is one of the best swim coaches I have ever worked with!

US Army World Class Athlete Program and Professional Triathlete | 2006 Best of the US National Triathlon Champion | 2006 Triathlete Magazine's Amateur Traithlete of the Year | 2004 Female Army Athlete of the Year

Coaches: Wendy Neely
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