Blue Wave Aquatics provides opportunities for adults to achieve success and build confidence in swimming at all skill levels through a variety of programs


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Cheryl Johnson

October 2019
I started swimming with Blue Wave Aquatics in the spring of 2014 in the beginner Adult Learn to swim classes. I quickly advanced to the tri-time classes after a few weeks. After many weeks of . . . .continue reading


July 2009

Wendy is a swimmer's and triathlete's blessing! I worked with her in 2006 for four months and she helped me dropped over 2 minutes off my 1500 meter time, getting me down to a 20:37. I moved to . . . .continue reading


January 2009

I started swimming with Wendy in 2008 because I was planning to participate in my first triathon, and needed some coaching for the swim leg. I was a rudimentary swimmer, but could not swim . . . .continue reading


November 2008

I lead an active lifestyle; swimming, biking, hiking and many other activities. Tri Time classes let me focus on what I want to improve. Wendy and Jen offer specialized classes that seem to fit what needs improvement in my swimming. I have taken several classes and always appreciate the time they take with each swimmer.

. . . .continue reading

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