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December 2015

I am a swimmer. That may not be an exciting statement to you, but to me, it's huge! A year ago I couldn't say that. I took my first Tri Time lesson at 50 years old. People didn't believe I couldn't swim. You were in the Army! You're a scuba diver! Your wife is a coach! All true, but none of them makes you a swimmer. In the Army they taught me how not to drown. As a scuba diver you take your air with you. My wife's a lifelong swimmer, but I'm not her. My goals were simple; I wanted to feel safer in the water. I wanted to swim free style and I wanted to be able to swim laps for exercise. I have accomplished my goals. I'm not super fast, my endurance sucks and I'm still improving technique, but, recently I moved on from Tri Time lessons and joined the team. Thanks to Blue Wave Aquatics, and all our great coaches, I'm a swimmer.

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