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LN - MS Survivor

May 2014

Wendy Neely is the most awesome swim coach in the PNW – or perhaps the nation.  All I know is that she changed my life and my ability to swim for a good workout.

Since I have MS I am limited to the kind of exercise regime I can do.  Swimming is ideal, but I am far from the ideal swimmer!  I was a panic swimmer – never putting my face in the water.  I learned the mechanics of swimming in a PE class in college; since we did not have a pool where I grew up my parents made Swimming Classes the first priority when I attended WSU.  Never did I feel comfortable in the water.  Wendy was very patient and gave me the best steps for learning to trust my breathing in the water.  I have more to learn and more work to build my endurance, but Wendy keeps me challenged and keeps teaching me new things that I can apply to my daily workout.  You rock Wendy!!
LN – MS survivor J
Coaches: Wendy Neely
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