Blue Wave Aquatics provides opportunities for adults to achieve success and build confidence in swimming at all skill levels through a variety of programs


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Cheryl Johnson

October 2019
I started swimming with Blue Wave Aquatics in the spring of 2014 in the beginner Adult Learn to swim classes. I quickly advanced to the tri-time classes after a few weeks. After many weeks of . . . .continue reading

Linda N

April 2016

Learning to swim as an adult has been an adventure.

Most people learn as a child but because I grew up in a Southeastern Alaska town that did not have a swimming pool at the time.  There . . . .continue reading


December 2015

I am a swimmer. That may not be an exciting statement to you, but to me, it's huge! A year ago I couldn't say that. I took my first Tri Time lesson at 50 years old. People didn't believe I . . . .continue reading

LN - MS Survivor

May 2014

Wendy Neely is the most awesome swim coach in the PNW – or perhaps the nation.  All I know is that she changed my life and my ability to swim for a good workout.

Since I have MS I am . . . .continue reading

Tanya A

November 2012

Hi Wendy,

I did it! Here I am after passing a certification test at 44ft down. I had to take off my mask & put it back on and clear the water out. And I did it! I also had to float and blow air into my vest & I used what you taught me about keeping air in my lungs. Thank you for your help it made a huge difference. I think you need to do it!

Take care,


. . . .continue reading

Brook Brayman

July 2011

Even after twenty years of competitive swimming, and ten years as a coach, I have learned new technical strategies from Wendy and have posted a few lifetime bests. Wendy's sets have a lot of . . . .continue reading

Paul H

June 2011

I participate in triathlons and swim several open water events every summer. I really like the open water options Blue Wave Aquatics has to offer.I never have any trouble finding a couple of open water practices each week to help me build my open water skills and strength.

Blue Wave Aquatics swimmer since 2007

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