Blue Wave Aquatics provides opportunities for adults to achieve success and build confidence in swimming at all skill levels through a variety of programs

Adult Swim Lessons

Blue Wave Aquatics is proud to offer adult swim lessons to swimmers of all levels. Our instructors provide a comfortable atmosphere so you can achieve your goals; whether it is getting over the fear of being in the water, improving your skills, or preparing for competition. All Blue Wave Aquatics swim lessons are for adults 18 and older.

Swimming Saves Lives - Free Adult Swim Lesson

This class is FREE for beginning or not so confident adults (18+). The instructors will be teaching breathing, balance and efficient swimming movements in a fun and supportive environment. Swimming is about being safe, confident and having fun in and around water. Our goal is to support, teach and show you that swimming is an activity for live!

The USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation, U.S. Masters Swimming’s charitable arm, has declared the month of April “Adult Learn-to-Swim Month.” That’s when pools, lakes, and beaches are opening up for spring and summer recreation.

If you or a loved one doesn’t know how to swim this is the class for you. Blue Wave Aquatics believes that every adult should be comfortable in the water whether you are just starting out or have swum since you were a child. Our Coaches are passionate about teaching adults how to swim!

Please note: The USMS waiver signed for swim lessons expires after 30 days. At that time a USMS membership is required to continue swimming with Blue Wave Aquatics. USMS membership information may be found on their website at

USMS Learn to Swim


Learn to Swim! Adults aspire to swim more than any other activity yet 37% cannot swim the length of a pool. It is never too late to learn to swim or improve the skills you have.

Our classes are designed for adults who do not know how to swim or have limited skills. We will take you step by step and before you know it you are a swimmer!



Classes will cover:

  • Bubbles and bobs - learn to breath
  • Floating on your front and back - learn to relax
  • Standing up in the water
  • Gliding on your front and back
  • Kicking
  • Freestyle - learning to swim!
  • Side stroke
  • Deep water exposure
  • Treading water

Class Size: Our classes are small, there is a maximum of 3 people per class.

Schedule: 4 lessons, 1 lesson per week

Requirements: USMS registration is required for all swim lessons see our fee schedule for more information.

Learn to Lap Swim

A light hearted approach to improving your stroke and learning how to lap swim for exercise with enthusiasm! Go home with workouts you can use at lap swim during the week.

Class #1: Freestyle Basics

Breathe with ease and efficiency * Improve stroke efficiency and kick * learn flip turns & open turns

Class 2: Backstroke Basics

If you can do freestyle you can do backstroke, a must in your workout repertoire and for shoulder health. How to float on your back * kick and improve arm movements to avoid shoulder injury * safety & use of backstroke flags * backstroke turns & open turns

Class 3: Breastroke Basics

Kick * timing * under water pull outs * turns * drills & skills

Class 4: Butterfly Basics

Learn the rhythm (an absolute must!) * timing of the breath * learn the ease and beauty of butterfly * turns & drills

Class size: Maximum of 8 people per class.

Prerequisite: Must be able to swim 50 yards in deep water

Schedule: $20 for drop-in class and $68 for the entire series


Tri Time Monthly Lessons


Tri Time is our adult swim lesson program that offers continuous swim lessons month to month. Tri Time Level 2 is for swimmers who need stroke refinement, have a race deadline, want to lose weight or swim for fitness.

Tri Time Level 2 includes 1 Saturday class and 1 Blue Wave workout during the week.




Class will cover:

  • Each week will build on the next
  • Breathing and balance are the foundational components to swimming with ease, comfort and efficiency
  • Deep water swimming
  • Drills and skills: to teach your body to perform skills without overthinking it
  • Endurance - learn to read, do and complete swim sets
  • Learn how to use a pace clock to help get you fitter faster
  • Learn how to build endurance while maintaining your technique



  • Learn to swim graduate or Coach evaluated
  • USMS registration is required for all swim lessons, please see the fee schedule page for more information
  • Fins, paddles and goggles - see our gear list for new swimmers
  • Be able to jump in deep water and resurface
  • Tread water for 1 minute
  • Swim 25 yards with side breathing

Private Swim Lesson

Private swim lesson with experienced US Masters Swimming coach. No matter your level of experience, coach will customize the lesson to your individual need. Time and pool schedule need to be organzied with the Coach.

Private lessons with our Head Coach, Wendy Neely, are $100.00 / hour

Private lessons with our Coaches, Jenn or Malcolm are $60.00 / hour

Semi-private lessons are $80.00 / hour

To schedule private lessons please register online and Wendy will contact you to schedule your session.

* If lessons extend over one month period of time, registration with USMS is required. No USMS registration if lessons completed within a one month period.

Our fee schedule page displays current pricing. They are also displayed on the swim lesson schedule page.