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Wetsuit Review Which is the Right One for ME!

Turley, Angela - 9/8/2012 6:31:00 AM

Swimmer Magazine has provided a great product review video all about wetsuits! 

Link: Swimmer Magazine, USMS

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Open Water Swimming Work Less, Swim Faster

Turley, Angela - 9/8/2012 6:23:00 AM

"All swimmers recognize that open water presents challenges never seen in a pool. Rougher water and no lanes are the obvious ones. Less obvious is the considerable difference in energy cost."

A summary of techniques:

Psych Yourself Up for Open Water

The Perils of Pool Training

Learning the Open Water Stroke

Terry Laughlin, from . . . continue reading

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Open Water Swimming Safety First!

Liz Rosen, US Masters Swimming - 6/8/2012 6:06:00 AM

Hey there open water friends!

As a race director, I feel an obligation to be a safety ambassador in the swimming community, so here's my little public service announcement to begin the 2012 open water season:

  1. BUDDY SYSTEM:  If you want to swim in open water - don't do it alone - no matter how good/healthy/capable you think . . . continue reading
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