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Get Your Wave On! Order your teamwear today!

Williams, Judy - 3/6/2014 7:23:00 AM

Blue Wave Aquatic team wearWith PNA Champs right around the corner we want our team to look the BEST!

Order your teamwear today to ensure it is here before PNA Champs!

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PNA Champs and Zone Meet Saturday, April 12th and Sunday, April 13th

Neely, Wendy - 3/6/2014 7:14:00 AM

It's that time of year - PNA Champs and Zone meets is just around the corner!

This is the one meet a year that we can come together as a team and swim together.  Champs is one of our fundraisers for the . . . continue reading

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The Wetset March / April 2014

Turley, Angela - 3/5/2014 7:28:00 AM

The March edition of the Wetset is available online, included in this issue:

Leading Off

Postal Update: Happy Hour Results

Amateur on Set

Masters Calendar

SPCC Ides of March Meet Infrmation

FINA Changes to USMS Rules

PNA Champs

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Bring your own TP

Neely, Wendy - 3/3/2014 8:05:00 AM

We are 6 weeks from our annual CHAMPS meet at KCAC on April 12th and 13th and I can’t think of a better way to prepare for the meet mentally and physically than to change things up. The change up will be purposeful, increase fitness and most importantly add an element of adventure/fun. We have made so much progress stroke wise and can’t think of a better way to start wrapping up the short course season.

To play allow you will need to bring your . . . continue reading

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