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Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Williams, Judy - 6/10/2016 5:38:00 AM

Thanks to all members who have registered with Fred Meyer Rewards program to earn money for Blue Wave Aquatics. Last quarter, you earned $82 for BWAQ with this program!

It's time to re-enroll your Fred Meyer's Community Rewards to keep Fred Meyer donations coming to Blue Wave Aquatics. Please login to your Fred Meyer account to re-enroll this month. If you do not re-enroll, your purchases after June 30th will not be eligible for Fred Meyer . . . continue reading

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Cash Back for BWAQ Quarterly Report

Turley, Angela - 2/18/2016 7:10:00 AM

We have received $65.25 from Fred Meyer and $32.15 from AmazonSmile for this quarter. Thank you for signing up with these rewards programs - they are easy and painless!!

If you are interested in signing up, this article explains step by step -


. . . continue reading
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Blue Wave Aquatics Club of the Month by Swim Outlet December 2015

Neely, Wendy - 1/18/2016 6:45:00 AM

Blue Wave Aquatics was nominated in December and won the U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Month-January 2016 check out the blog post  A special thank you to Ken Kreer for seeing this information 1st!
Remember Swim Outlet is one of our sponsors giving us prices for Last Gasp of Summer and also 8-10% of your purchase values come back to BWAQ.  Remember . . . continue reading

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Cash Back for BWAQ

Williams, Judy - 9/25/2015 7:30:00 AM

Rewards Programs for Blue Wave Aquatics

Blue Wave Aquatics is always looking for ways to keep our costs down to save our members money. We have signed up for rewards programs through several well know retailers. When you shop we receive cash back . . . continue reading

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Amazon Smile

Williams, Judy - 8/29/2015 9:08:00 AM

amazon smile blue wave aquatics . . . continue reading

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BWAQ Member Directory

Turley, Angela - 4/26/2011 12:00:00 AM

Blue Wave Aquatics offers our current members the opportunity to list their business in our newsletter each month, we are in the process of adding a page to the website to promote your business online.

Swimmers are a friendly group and many of us who would love to have fellow swimmers help them out once they are aware of what they do for a living. Do you have a business, service, or skill you would like to make know to other Blue Wave members? Listing on the . . . continue reading

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