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Confused about 2012 USMS Registration?

Williams, Judy - Monday, November 7, 2011

If you are confused about the 2012 USMS Registration, you are not alone. Let me explain. Every year, all swimmers are required to register with USMS. USMS provides insurance for our team and coaches. It is mandatory that all BWAQ swimmers register with USMS. The time for existing swimmers to register is sometime before Dec 31st. The cost for 2012 is $47.

Recently Blue Wave Aquatics become a CLUB and that requires an extra step in registration. 
The USMS Registration form is at
After you enter your name, your default Affiliation will be displayed.
Your Affiliation:
  •     LMSC Pacific Northwest (PN) Click Here to Select a Different LMSC
  •     Club Pacific Northwest Aquatics (PNA) Click here to select a different club within the above LMSC
The Club name PNA needs to be changed.  Click on the words "Click here to select a different club with the above LMSC" and select BWAQ. Continue with your registration and make payment with a credit card and you are done.
If you prefer to mail a check, complete the paper entry and mail to PNA Registrar.
If you have already registered and did not change the Club to BWAQ, it will be fixed by the registrar. She will notify you and you will need to re-print your membership card. If you have problems or questions, do not hesitate to ask.
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