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Deep Water and Speed Classes Adult Swim Lessons

Turley, Angela - Thursday, November 3, 2011

We have added two new classes to our swim lesson schedule starting in November!

Deep Water (Level 1 1/2) is an extension of our Tri Time class. If you can float and move comfortably in shallow water but are uncomfortable in deep water this class is for you.

  •     Can float and move comfortable in shallow water
  •     Uncomfortable in deep water
  •     Continue learning on foundational skills while releasing the anxiety of deep water
  •     Learn safety skills that are applicable in real life settings as well as fitness skills
  •     Instructor will be in the water

Speed (Level 3) - Get faster for the strong endurance swimmers. Learn the skills and secrets of getting faster without working any harder or with heavy yardage.

Thinking of joining Blue Wave Aquatics swim team - this class is a perfect introduction!

This class is held two times per week.

More information about our full adult swim lesson schedule may be found on our Swim Lesson Schedule page.

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