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Annual Meeting 11/19/2011 Mark your calendar

Murphy, Mike - Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our annual team general meeting is scheduled for 9:00 am Saturday, November 19 at the Federal Way Community Center. Come practice with us at 7:00 am and meet afterwards in the meeting room adjacent to the Community Center entry area. The most important item on the agenda: Voting for team officers. Paul Havick is stepping down from Vice President. All other positions will be up for re-election. If you're interested in running for any position - and I encourage it - please email me or let one of the coaches know. These are the positions and the current officers:

  • President, Mike Murphy
  • Vice President, Paul Havick (stepping down)
  • Treasurer, Judy Williams
  • Secretary, Jenelle Outerson 
  • Membership Chair, Angela Turley
  • KCAC Member at Large, Jessie Hickel
  • Evergreen Member at Large, Mary Foster
  • Fife Member at Large, Brenda Wright
  • Kent Member at Large, Eric Durban
Our members make our team great. Having choices on the ballot is important because new faces on the board help keep our team vital. Your team needs you. Please step up!
Mike Murphy
BWAQ President (at least until the end of the year)
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