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Vaccination Requirement for KCAC Swimmers - PLEASE READ

Kim, Nellis - Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Hello everyone,

We were recently notified that the King County vaccination requirement, which takes effect October 25th, will impact team members who are swimming at KCAC. Team coaches have been asked to verify that all members participating in workouts at this venue are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
In order to comply with this requirement, we need you to bring any of the following to practice to show to your coach:

• Your vaccination card or vaccination record showing that you have received two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine and at least 14 days have passed since your second dose, OR that you have received a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and at least 14 days have elapsed;
• A photo of your vaccination card; or
• Record of your vaccination status on the MyIRMobile app.

Our coaches will be providing me with the names of members who have provided proof of vaccination, and I will maintain a list of swimmers who have completed this step. At this point, we are not being asked to share this information with KCAC management. If this changes at any point in the future, we will let you know. When we are no longer required to verify vaccination status, we will delete this document.

We have not yet heard how the Federal Way Community Center will verify vaccination status, but will share this information as soon as we receive it.

If you are not vaccinated, or do not wish to share your vaccination status with us, you can continue to participate in Saturday workouts at the Sumner High School pool. Proof of vaccination status is not required in Pierce County.
Have a great week,


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