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Kim, Nellis - Thursday, September 30, 2021

Hello Swimmers!
The summer has drawn to a close with another beautiful, well-run Last Splash behind us. But the swim season is far from over! There are two pool meets on the calendar for November, and every workout presents an opportunity to keep improving our strokes.
If you log into your BWAQ Club Assistant account and click on "Shopping Cart," you will see four monthly membership options for the month of October. The Board approved a 4 swim option in addition to our existing 8, 12, and unlimited swim options, and also approved additional price cuts. If you are interested in purchasing a monthly membership for October, please log in, read through the descriptions, and add one to your cart! The new prices are:
• $150 for an unlimited monthly membership
• $115 for a 12 swim monthly membership
• $80 for an 8 swim monthly membership
• $56 for a 4 swim monthly membership
We plan to hold prices at this level at least through early 2022, and are hoping to get these new options and prices programmed into the system as a recurring monthly charge by the time November rolls around.
And just as a reminder, while our head coach, Wendy, is enjoying some down time, there will be no 5:30 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. workout on Thursday, September 30th. Give our 7:30 p.m. workout at KCAC a try! Gracie Ralstin will be putting us through our paces.
We are also still working on pool times at Evergreen and Covington. Thanks to everyone who has added their name to our interest lists. We hear you and are working toward getting workouts up and running at those pools!
Happy fall,

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