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Kim, Nellis - Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The summer is flying by- just 25 days remain to complete your PNW Virtual Swim, registration for Last Splash of Summer at beautiful Angle Lake is open, and it's time to opt-in to September Monthly Membership Options!

We've had a fantastic response to the monthly options, and hope that some of you who are swimming regularly will sign on. Our hard-working Treasurer has crunched the numbers and granted permission to offer small, additional price cuts to all membership options.

The three pricing options for the month of September are as follows:
• Unlimited swims at $175 per month;
• 12 swims per month for $135; and
• 8 swims per month for $100

Just as a reminder, there are specific rules attached to the monthly pricing options. Please read this fine print carefully and contact me if you have questions:

• These options are available now to start September 1st
• These prices will not be prorated for partial months
• If you choose one of these options for the month, no refunds will be given for any reason
• You may only "opt in" to one of these pricing options at the beginning of each month
• You MUST continue to register for any workouts you wish to attend
• If you choose a 12 or 8 swim per month plan, you will be charged the full drop-in fee of $15 for any workout(s) exceeding your plan amount
• The number of workouts you swim each month will be based upon your registrations, not your attendance
• Unused workouts do not roll over to the following month

If you would like to sign up for one of these payment options for the month of September, please reply to this email with your selection no later than Friday, September 3rd. Due to the lateness of this e-mail and the upcoming holiday weekend, you will be charged for your selected plan on September 5th.
Current monthly members must respond if you want a September option!

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