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Coaches - 2018 PNA Champs

Turley, Angela - Friday, April 13, 2018

We look forward to seeing everyone at PNA Champs meet this weekend!
Here are some documents, for the Coaches, to hopefully make your job easier this weekend.

UPDATE: 04/13/2018 Events 7 and 8 have been re-seeded. Split sheets, meet program and Psych sheets have all been updated.

Relay Cards - PDF

Blank relay cards will be available at the meet.

Split Sheets - Saturday

Split Sheets - Sunday

The split sheets are organized by team alphabetically. 

Meet Program

Event 7 and 8 only

Psych Sheets

USA Observed Swims:

This meet is approved by USA swimming to be an Observed meet. If you have a USA swimmer that would like their times forwarded and recognized by USA Swimming, please contact the meet ref Mike Murphy prior to the start of the meet each day.

Mike will need this information: Swimmers name, event number, heat, and lane.

Those swims will be observed by appointed officials. If the swims conform to USA Swimming rules, the times will be forwarded to USA Swimming.
If you need any additional information please let me know.

See you this weekend!
Angela Turley
Registrar for PNA Champs Meet


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