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BWAQ Holiday Party December 12th

Williams, Judy - Wednesday, December 9, 2015

BWAQ Holiday Party is Dec 12th at Lynn and Larry Gross' home.

BWAQ holiday tradition is to thank our coaches with member donated cash bonus. Suggested donation is $20/swimmer, but any amount is welcome. This year, you may make your donation on your credit card. Reply to me with the amount you wish to donate and I will charge your credit card.
Also new this year, you may claim this donation as a tax deduction! BWAQ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. If you want a receipt, please donate with credit card or check.

BWAQ Board members will have cards at practices for you to sign and will accept check/cash donations. Board Members with cards to sign include:

•    Eric Durban (Covington)
•    Ed Marrs (Evergreen)
•    Pat Duggan
•    Kim Boggs
•    Jenell Outerson
•    Angie Turley
•    Judy Williams

Money donated will be distributed to coaches Wendy, Jenn, Matt, Amy and Michelle based upon hours coached in 2015. Show your coach how much you appreciate them with a big cash bonus!

Hope to see you on December 12th!
Judy Williams
BWAQ Treasurer

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