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Drills are Back!

Neely, Wendy - Thursday, August 27, 2015

This week has been refreshing hearing you talk about potentially entering the SCM Zone Championships in November.  When you are fired up it makes my job fun and we can share the vision of moving forward towards a common goal vs. just showing up to get a workout in.  

As we enter into short course meters it's a time to revisit and sharpen basic skills.
Don't be fooled by the word basic because these basic skills are going to up your game like nobodys business if you take them seriously.
*Under water kicking/dolphin kicking
*Breastroke pull outs and where your dolphin kick goes
*A long with maximizing distance per stroke, rate and most importantly work to rest ration
I gave out some drills that may have made your head spin.  I'll chalk it up to being early a.m. or new lol.  To support your learning/understanding of each drill I've included a link to each stroke drill that we did this week.  I'm sticking to these until they're mastered and then we'll move on from there.  If you hate them, great!  You need more work with them until you become one of your favorites.
Butterfly w/ flutter kick:
One Arm Backstroke:
Breaststroke 3, 2,1:
Freestyle we're aquainted with and they will vary.
Typically, we'll be doing drills integrated into warm up set and after our main set when you are tired!  Yes, when your tired because that's when you should be laser focussed on the details.
See you at the pool,
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