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Limited 25% Wet Suit Discount BWAQ Member Discount

- Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Northwest Tri & Bike in Kent has made a 25% discount available on Profile-Design wetsuits to the members of Blue Wave. You can find the order at this link. There are a few different models that you'll see and you can find more information on Profile's website.

If you're wondering which one to choose here's a little info that might be helpful. As suits get more expensive, they get more flexible and more buoyant. The Wahoo is a very good entry-level suit and feels very supple and buoyant compared to entry-level suits in other lines. You might want to be aware that the M:2 (the top suit) has a zipper that starts at the neck...a little trickier than the other suits that close from the bottom up. 
The password to get on the page is 'blue wave'
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call NWTB at 253 638 2453 or email them at
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