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Giving back to our community - the gift of swimming!

Neely, Wendy - Thursday, June 6, 2013

Did you know that BWAQ is a 503c non profit organization?

Before we head out into the community to get sponsors and donors for the following areas of our club we wanted to ask if you or your business are interested?   There are three ways you can support:  through an advertising sponsorship, a tax deductible donation and or through volunteerism. You choose where you would like to put your support.


Open Water Swim Caps:  For safety and as a promotional item to give away to our open water swimmers, free community swim lessons and swim lesson participants.

Last Gasp of Summer:  BWAQ's annual open water race which can draw up to 300 USMS and USA swimmers.  This year Last Gasp of Summer has been awarded the title of Northwest Zone Open Water Championships!

BWAQ's Adaptive Aquatics Program:  There is a need for a quality swim group for swimmers with special needs and who are 18 and older. We want to provide everyone the opportunity to make swimming a regular part of  their life.  In working with the young adult swimmers with the Tukwila Turtles Special Olympic Team the swimmers often speak of how they wished they could swim with a team year round like they used to when they were in high school.  We also want to include adult swimmers who are suffering/recovering from a chronic illness or rehabilitating from an injury and need an organized slower paced swimming workout as a way to do this.  Once a swimmer feel confident they would have the ability to integrate into any of our existing scheduled workouts.  At this time I don't have a budget and am looking for financial backing to get this workout group off the ground.  We are submitting a grant application to USMS/Swimming Saves Lives, but won't know until late September if we win the grant money.  I dream of getting support from the community members,  Arthritis, MS and any other association who would like to support our vision.  Swimmers that are on a fixed income due to an injury or disability would be able to swim at a discounted rate.   This particular project is pulling on my heart strings.


Adult Learn to Swim Lessons:  There is currently not a budget for our swim lesson program and is self sustaining through swimmer enrollment.  I have been getting request from many adult swimmers who are putting 3-5 children through swim lessons and the parents can't afford  to learn how to swim.  We give a free swim lesson 2X's per 6 weeks, but would love to sponsor an adult if they have the will to learn,but not the finances to take our regular group paid swim lessons.

Community Swim Lesson:  I would like to implement a weekly free adult swim lesson and again don't have a budget to do pay for pool time in order to host the lesson on a weekly basis.

Time:  We are always open to having swimmers come and volunteer their time helping with our adult lessons, open water swim clinics and at our club hosted events.

If anyone is interested in any of these opportunities please respond to this email and we can work out a plan that will create a win win situation for all parties involved.

Thank you for your consideration.
Wendy Neely
Head Coach
Blue Wave Aquatics
206 793-9391

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