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Neely, Wendy - Friday, January 4, 2013

I have been politely informed from a few pool managers that some of our swimmers at varies venues have been getting in the pool before a BWAQ practice and or staying after workout to continue swimming.  If you are paying the pools entrance fee and are integrating with an existing lap swim it's ok.  However, if you are not paying for lap swim and or swimming without a coach or lifeguard present that isn't ok.  

Our leasing agreement and our USMS insurance coverage is only for the allotted time of the organized BWAQ workout.  If you choose to get in before, after  and or swim on off days at one of our facilities you personally are responsible to pay the pools entrance fee.

When BWAQ leases space for a workout we have access to the pool and locker rooms only *Hot tubs, Steam Rooms and Saunas Aren't Included*

We are in good standing with the management teams at all of our venues and want to keep it that way:)  Please offer to pay for lap swim if you choose to swim before, after a workout and or on an off day. Never get in the pool without your coach or permission from a lifeguard.  If a staff member says you are good to go then that is fine, but we want to keep you safe and do not want to abuse any privileges that aren't ours in the first place.


Wendy Neely
Head Coach
Blue Wave Aquatics
206 793-9391

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